Questions?  We hope this Frequently Asked Questions document will help.  If not, feel free to contact us.

How did AEF choose which technology programs to fund?
AEF is working in partnership with the Arlington Public Schools and supporting their vision and priority goals for implementing technology.

What is the Technology Plan for the Arlington Public Schools?
The school administration has published a draft Instructional Technology Plan for 2014-2018.

How is technology currently being used in the Arlington Public Schools?
There are numerous applications of technology in all grade levels in every school.  In addition to AEF technology grants, teachers at all levels are using technology in their classrooms.  Many of these applications are demonstrated at the Technology Showcase each spring.

Why invest in High School equipment and labs if we’re rebuilding the High School?
The Technology Initiative is not funding walls and wiring, it is investing in the breadth and depth of the curriculum at the High School.  The Technology Initiative is a partnership with the school department, where AEF is funding technology and the school department is funding staff and curriculum development.  These advancements will not change when the High School is rebuilt/remodeled.

Why aren’t the Arlington Public Schools funding this technology?  Don’t they see it as a priority?
AEF is funding innovation and acceleration of the Arlington Public School’s technology plan.  Our partnership is allowing the Arlington Public Schools to achieve their goals faster than they would be able to reach on their own.

How can I get involved?
There are many ways for community members to get involved.  The best way to get involved is to make a donation to the AEF Technology Initiative and support our efforts to advance technology in Arlington Schools.

We also encourage you to talk to your friends and colleagues and spread the word about the AEF Technology Initiative.  Lastly, there will be opportunities for community discussion and input in early 2015.  Check back here for more details.

How does the AEF Technology Initiative differ from AEF’s other grants?
The AEF Technology Initiative is a focused effort to raise significant funds specifically for technology in the Arlington Public Schools.  The initiative is entering its third and final year and will end in 2015.

AEF continues to raise and distribute money in all of our grant categories:  Innovations in Education, Development & Expansion, School Improvement, Continuing Scholar Award.  AEF has, and will continue to award many smaller Innovations in Education grants for technology.

Why isn’t there a focus on technology at the Elementary Schools?
The Arlington Public Schools have primarily focused their technology purchases at the elementary level for past 3 years

  • Thompson 1:1 infrastructure:  the new school is a pilot for 1:1 computing
  • Technology University:  professional development on 1:1 computing technology infrastructure for elementary teachers (funded by an AEF Development & Expansion Grant)
  • iPad cart for every elementary grade level.

iPads are less expensive than laptops which are needed for more advanced uses at secondary levels.  Also, many free introductory software programs are available at the elementary level, whereas more advanced software needed at secondary levels needs to be purchased.  Lastly, Arlington’s Capital Planning Committee funded new computers for every teacher.

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