Creating, Administering and Grading Tests Online: Q&A with Ottoson Teacher Eric Bakke

Eric Bakke – Ottoson Middle School talks about “Form” Tests: Using laptops with internet connections and google form to create, administer, and grade tests.

What did the technology allow you and students to do that you couldn’t have done without it?

We are able to analyze test data by class, by grade, by student-groups and per question instantaneously.  It shows pie-charts of the responses to multiple-choice questions allowing students to visualize where there were common misconceptions.

What additional technology would you like to add to this project to make it stronger/better/more relevant/etc.?  Why?

Google forms allows for page redirection based on responses.  I would like to make a more responsive test that redirects students based on their answers, either to more questions that clarify where their misunderstanding lay or to different questions that could edify necessary background information to then approach that question again.

Can you describe a memorable moment when you were teaching  with this project/technology that brought its value home to you?

When I first started using these tests I immediately noticed that the students wrote more in terms of quantity and quality for their open responses.  Research shows this generation of students has been using computers since age three, but even my one-year old daughter knows how to navigate my iPhone.  The truth is that they are more proficient with typing than traditional writing.  This test structure allows them to apply their learning in a format that is most comfortable for them.

What about it the project is most fun/exciting about the project for the students?

The students like that it is more familiar to them, it feels less stressful and creates less test-anxiety.

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