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Vernier Digital Probe use in Arlington High School Physics

AHS Physics Teacher John Macuk’s Use of Vernier Digital Probes Vernier digital probes are computerized measuring devices that capture data via specialized sensors. For instance, the acidity level of a solution can be measured by dipping a pencil-sized sensor into the … Continue reading

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Keeping the ‘A’ in STEAM

Juhan Sonin is the Creative Director of Involution Studios in Arlington, MA.  To learn more, visit Designers hold a special power because we create the communication gateways for people and the world. We shape the things that people see, … Continue reading

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Algebra in disguise: Dragon Box game for young kids

By Elena Jakubiak, parent of Bishop School first grader I remember being painfully bored in early elementary school. Grammar, phonics, and arithmetic were of no interest to me. But, in the fifth grade, I started to like math and I eventually … Continue reading

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See 3-D printing and Robots in action at the Education Technology Showcase!

Ottoson 6th grade students have been busy building water-launched bottle rockets as part of the Science and Engineering curriculum. With a new 3-D printer, purchased with funding from the AEF, students will be able to print nose cones and fins … Continue reading

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Free webinar, April 29, Games Are Good for You! What Games Teach Us About STEM & Learning

Check out  EdTechTeacher’s  upcoming free, live webinars. Offered throughout the school year, these webinars are aimed at helping educators integrate technology effectively in the classroom. “This is a great opportunity learn something new as well as to network with other … Continue reading

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Wheelock College launches app to promote family-child engagement in STEM

Wheelock College Aspire Institute recently launched an app designed to promote family-child engagement in math and science learning. The STEM Mobile Application “provides accessible, engaging, and daily information in the area of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) to parents of … Continue reading

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Science Labs

A Science Lab Initiative Fly Through demonstrates some of the Massachusetts School Building Authority’s (MSBA) science lab design requirements and best practices.  What should today’s high school science labs look like? How should APS labs be configured and what should they … Continue reading

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Many organizations offer resources for students, teachers and parents. The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) introduces kids to aerospace engineering. The Tufts Center for Engineering, Education and Outreach offers many resources, workshops, and events designed to get kids interested in … Continue reading

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