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Vernier Digital Probe use in Arlington High School Physics

AHS Physics Teacher John Macuk’s Use of Vernier Digital Probes Vernier digital probes are computerized measuring devices that capture data via specialized sensors. For instance, the acidity level of a solution can be measured by dipping a pencil-sized sensor into the … Continue reading

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Make Lab Equipment with 3-D Printers?

An article in the Chronicle of Higher Ed (3/29/13) claims that Lab Equipment Made With 3-D Printers Could Cut Costs by 97%  A “new study, conducted in an optical-research lab at Michigan Tech, marked the first known attempt to test the approach [using … Continue reading

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Science Labs

A Science Lab Initiative Fly Through demonstrates some of the Massachusetts School Building Authority’s (MSBA) science lab design requirements and best practices.  What should today’s high school science labs look like? How should APS labs be configured and what should they … Continue reading

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