Highlights of AEF Technology Grants:

Phase I of AEF Technology Initiative:  Arlington High School STEM Lab       AHS STEM Lab

Creation of a new STEM Lab (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) reintroduced computer programming courses and enabled expansion of STEM classes.

ʺThe STEM lab has been so valuable and has allowed us to move forward. We have two sections of computer programming, an increase in the number of math and science teachers accessing the faster laptops for use, and we have many teachers utilizing the iPads to alter the lessons that they previously taught.  The progress we have made would not have been possible without the support of AEF.”  Matt Coleman, Director of Mathematics K-12

Phase II of AEF Technology Initiative:  Expansion of STEM at Ottoson Middle SchoolOMS Tech 3D Printer_c

Enhance ‘Tech’ classes with computer simulation, app development and 3D prototyping (Spring 2014); update Digital Citizenship and Literacy curriculum and equipment (Fall 2014)

AEF’s funding of equipment (iPads, 3D printer) and curriculum development will make our program one of the most 21st century relevant and standards based Technology and Engineering Education programs available to students not only locally but nationally.”  Brandy Whitney, Ottoson Tech Teacher

Making Thinking Visible: Technology for Digital Humanities

A mini-lab in the High School Media Center supports critical thinking, metacognition and collaboration in humanities classes.  Students use the lab for Digital Humanitiesvideo production, digital storytelling, and virtual field trips.

ʺIn our first weeks, we animated poetry, live-tweeted class debates and videotaped the Russian Revolution. Even this small influx of technology helps teachers develop project-based learning experiences that are more collaborative, mobile, fast, flexible, and dare I dream, fun.ʺ Stacy Kitsis, Arlington High School Library Media Teacher

Digital Arts Mini-Studio

The upgrade of a professional digital arts mini-studio for the High School Visual Arts Department enhanced the school’s digital photography, film and animation courses.AHS Digital Imaging Workstation_c

ʺIt has been so helpful to finally have our first real digital imaging station. Students in Digital Photography can now work in RAW format, a professional file format, and utilize all of the applications available with Adobe’s Creative Cloud. Additionally, students with learning disabilities find they can work without hesitation or distraction instead of waiting for the old computers to respond.ʺ David Moore, Arlington High School Art Teacher

Summer Technology University

Professional development on 1:1 computing technology infrastructure for elementary teachers.

ʺTech U prepared teachers to use iPads by providing both direct instruction and opportunities for hands on creation with iPad applications at a range of levels from novice to experienced.  It provided mixed-level groups where several presenters guided teachers through in-depth use of applications, how to differentiate with iPads, classroom management tips, and innovative applications available to pilot.”  Anita Christina Calcaterra, Brackett 4th Grade Teacher

Imagine, Program and Share with Scratch AnimationOMS Scratch Headsets

Headsets facilitate multi-media computer programming as part of an introductory programming unit at Ottoson Middle School.

“Utilizing headsets eliminates distractions and deepens students’ understanding of the conceptual skills required in computer programming.   Students even create their own sounds using the microphones and set these to animations – fully owning the project.”  Sandra Flanagan, Ottoson Digital Citizenship and Literacy Teacher

Online Learning Cohort

The High School offered an online course as part of a pilot to test potential online learning models.

ʺI signed up for this course to get an interesting learning experience.”   “Given that the course is AP-weighted, I also realized it would have a positive impact on my transcript.” Quotes from High School seniors enrolled in course

Listen and Learn with Audio BooksAudio Books

The Arlington High School library provides struggling and reluctant readers with audiobooks, including the core curriculum texts for English Language Arts classes, on iPod Shuffles.

“The audiobooks have offered our students (and teachers!) new avenues to reading, whether they struggle with comprehension, engagement, or just finding that extra time in the day.” Stacy Kitsis, Arlington High School Library Media Teacher

Arlington High School Technology User Group

In advance of significant technology investment, the school established a Technology User’s Group to create the conditions for successful educational transformation.

ʺDigital technology is transforming and enhancing teaching and learning in high school and beyond.  The Technology User Group is helping us build the leadership, capacity, and vision to take us to the next level of instructional technology.ʺ Matthew Janger, Arlington High School Principal

Integrating Student Response Systems to Tailor Teaching for Effective Student LearningAEF Student Response Systems (clickers)

Electronic student response systems enable teachers to create interactive lessons and activities that engage all students in active learning.

ʺFor assessments, ‘clickers’ give the student’s immediate feedback and have saved me from countless hours of grading. For instruction, the ‘clickers’ make lessons more engaging for the class while giving me real-time metrics of student understanding which I can then use to alter my instruction immediately. Most importantly, they make class more fun.ʺ Glen Fant, Arlington High School History Teacher

Math Support for Ottoson

Ottoson’s Math Support team uses Plato to give students tailored instruction programs.

“Students work on specific content standards that are of issue to them. Tailoring the work provides a more efficient means to meet their needs.  The experience has opened the doors for teachers to seek other tools that will support students.”  Matt Coleman, Director of Mathematics K-12

Statistics at Ottoson

With new rigorous standards focused on analytical learning, Tinker Plots dynamic software will become a primary teaching Tinkerplots screen shottool.  Students will create and dynamically engage with data, thereby deepening their understanding of data analysis.

“Due to changes in state standards in mathematics, Ottoson teachers need to add lessons for statistics and probability.  We are excited to have Tinker Plots software, which is a useful tool to support the ongoing work of developing new curriculum in this area.” Matt Coleman, Director of Mathematics K-12


Full list of AEF Technology Grants

  • Summer Technology University (2013 Development & Expansion Grant)
  • Making Thinking Visible: Technology for Digital Humanities, High School
    (2013 Innovations Grant)
  • Digital Imaging Workstation, High School (2013 Innovations Grant)
  • Online Learning Cohort, High School (2013 Innovations Grant)
  • Imagine, Program and Share with Scratch Animation, Ottoson (2013 Innovations Grant)
  • Integrating Student Response Systems to Tailor Teaching for Effective Student Learning,
    High School (2012 Development & Expansion Grant)
  • Math Support (Plato), Ottoson  (2012 Innovations Grant)
  • Statistics (Tinker Plots), Ottoson (2012 Innovations Grant)
  • Hardy School Film Festival (2012 Innovations Grant)
  • Educational Technology Investment (LCD Projectors) (2011 Development & Expansion Grant)
  • iPods for Language Learning, High School (2011 Innovations Grant)
  • Digital Film and Animation Pilot Program, High School (2011 Innovations Grant)
  • Wii for Teachers, Ottoson (2011 Innovations Grant)
  • Enhancing Students’ Active Engagement with Texts (Kindle), Dallin (2011 Innovations Grant)
  • Technology Support and Enrichment Program (Glogster), Bishop (2011 Innovations Grant)
  • Using Technology to Create Responsive Learning Environments, High School
    (2010 Innovations Grant)
  • Flip Cameras, High School (2010 Innovations Grant)
  • ELMO Document Camera and Projector System, Ottoson (2010 Innovations Grant)
  • Exploring Online Learning, High School (2010 Innovations Grant)
  • Improving Math Fluency with FASTT Math, Peirce (2009 Innovations Grant)









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