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Make Lab Equipment with 3-D Printers?

An article in the Chronicle of Higher Ed (3/29/13) claims that Lab Equipment Made With 3-D Printers Could Cut Costs by 97%  A “new study, conducted in an optical-research lab at Michigan Tech, marked the first known attempt to test the approach [using … Continue reading

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STEM Competitions

 Luring Young Web Warriors Is a U.S. Priority. It’s Also a Game  (New York Times, 3-25-2013) describes how the U.S. is “scouring high schools for hackers” by hosting contests that “aim to get students excited about cyberdefense.” Have you heard of other … Continue reading

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Innovation in education

The New Media Consortium’s Horizon Report for k-12 “identifies and describes emerging technologies likely to have a large impact over the coming five years in education.” This year’s report lists six technologies that the report predicts will have a wide-spread adoption in the near-term … Continue reading

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Microinternships for HS students

TechStars, the “#1 startup accelerator in the world”, ran a “microinternship” program in Seattle which brought high school students into the heart of ten Seattle startups. It sounds like an amazing success.  With the rich high tech start up environment … Continue reading

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Student RND: Hands on High Tech

Student RND looks like an interesting organization focused on helping students (HS & college) to work on high tech projects in their spare time and build cool things. It’s based in Seattle and has CodeBlitz Meetups and EIF Saturdays (Electricity … Continue reading

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Blended and Online Learning

Online Learning: The Pros and Cons of k-12 Computer Courses (Huffington Post, 3-13-11) raises questions about whether students get as much out of online learning as they do from face-to-face lessons with a teacher.  More Pupils Are Learning Online, Fueling Debate … Continue reading

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Two educators, Cathleen Norris and Elliot Soloway offer Tips for BYOD K-12 Programs. They explore possible ways to think about questions such as How far can a school go in controlling what students do with personally owned devices? and What devices will … Continue reading

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Science Labs

A Science Lab Initiative Fly Through demonstrates some of the Massachusetts School Building Authority’s (MSBA) science lab design requirements and best practices.  What should today’s high school science labs look like? How should APS labs be configured and what should they … Continue reading

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iPads for Teaching and Learning

Many k-12 schools have begun to use iPads for teaching and learning.  For example, the Idaho Digital Learning’s initiative allows specific content within existing classes to be accessible through a mobile app. What are some of your favorite examples of  uses of iPads  for teaching and … Continue reading

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Many organizations offer resources for students, teachers and parents. The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) introduces kids to aerospace engineering. The Tufts Center for Engineering, Education and Outreach offers many resources, workshops, and events designed to get kids interested in … Continue reading

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