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Through this three-year fundraising effort, YOU – our donors – raised $190,000 to accelerate the use of technology at the Ottoson Middle School and Arlington High School.  Thank you for helping us prepare students for careers in STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics!

2015: Accelerated Technology for Science, Arts and Engineering

  • Raised:  $106,000
  • Provided mobile science workstations for the High School
  • Established High School digital arts studio
  • Outfitted additional Middle School computer science and engineering labs.
Get an inside look at how the AEF Technology Tech 6aInitiative transformed the Ottoson Middle School Technology & Engineering and Digital Media & Literacy programs in this Ottoson News Network video.
In 2014 we expanded STEM at the Middle School
  • Raised:  $34,000
  • Enhanced Technology & Engineering classes with computer simulations, app development and 3D prototyping
  • Updated 6th grade Computer Science curriculum and equipment

In 2013 we established a High School STEM Lab

  • Raised $50,000AHS STEM Lab
  • Re-introduced Computer Programming courses (now four sections are offered – from introductory to AP

AEF is supporting the school department’s effort to bring significant new capacities to its students, from state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to teacher training and curriculum development.  The impact on Arlington students is immense and immediate.

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AEF & Arlington Public Schools:
Transforming Education through Technology

Accelerate Connect Innovate
Bring innovative technology to more students sooner Create a strong community-education partnership Offer our students truly innovative opportunities
The AEF Technology Initiative will ensure that technology enhancements reach students as quickly as possible and have a broad impact. Furthermore, since this is private funding, no changes in the pubic funding at the local, state or federal level can divert it from the intended goals. The Arlington community is rich in expertise in both technology and education. With so many entrepreneurs, professors, technologists and teachers, a strong  community-education partnership can contribute to an effective technology plan and create connections to give our students unique experiences. Arlington is in a unique position to be able to offer our students truly innovative opportunities to both learn with technology and build the foundation to become technologists themselves by tapping into the knowledge and networks of our community of entrepreneurs and educators.



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